Workshops 2018

Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th January (Dublin)

Freeing the Jaw, Neck and Shoulders

Start the New Year with a weekend of gentle Awareness through Movement lessons, designed to address patterns of excessive tension throughout the whole body, with a particular focus on the jaw / face, neck and shoulders.

Chronic shoulder, neck and jaw tension are common complaints these days, often related to the ever-increasing amount of time sitting at computers and using devices. With daily repetition, the specific habits of muscular activity we engage in can become temporarily ‘fixed’, resulting in discomfort and restricted freedom of movement.

This weekend’s lessons will help you to release excessive tension in these areas,  and find new and improved ways of using your whole body for support, enabling easier posture, movement and breathing.

Time: 10.30am – 1.00pm each day (with tea/coffee break).
Cost: Earlybird €80  (payment / deposit by 24th December) / €90

– Course is fully booked –


Places are limited to 14 people maximum.

Bookings are confirmed on receipt of deposit / payment.
Payment by bank transfer is appreciated where possible.