Feldenkrais Dublin with Abbe Harris

Individual Lessons

At Feldenkrais Dublin, 11 Herbert Place, Dublin 2

Individual Functional Integration (FI) lessons offer a learning experience tailored to your specific needs, where the practitioner uses gentle touch to help you find new possibilities for resting, breathing, and using your body with greater ease.

Suitable for all ages and physical conditions, individual lessons are especially useful in helping to restore, improve, and refine ease of posture and breathing, co-ordination and balance; for reducing back, neck and shoulder pain, assisting recovery from old, unresolved injuries (or post-surgery), and in supporting general well-being. They also offer a safe and effective way to care for the body during pregnancy.

Booking & Fees

Please Contact Abbe  to arrange an appointment time.

Initial consultation: €90 (1 hr)
Single lesson: €85 (50 mins)

How a Functional Integration lesson works…

During a lesson, you lie (or sit) on a low table, fully clothed: The practitioner uses gentle hands-on support and guidance to help you recognise and adjust unconscious patterns of muscular activity that are causing unnecessary discomfort or limitation.

As you become aware of this previously ‘invisible’ muscular activity, your nervous system can safely let go of excessive tension, leaving you more free to move and breathe with greater ease and efficiency.

The pace and range of the movements are guided at each moment by your comfort, ensuring a safe, supportive environment for your nervous system to  take in new information, and develop improved connections.

A programme of simple movements along with other suggestions may be given, in order to help you continue to learn from your session.