Individual Lessons

Covid-19 arrangements: Individual lessons are cancelled until further notice.
(if you have booked an appointment, I will be in touch to re-schedule as soon as possible).

In the meantime, some free Online Classes and Audio lessons are available to do from home.


Dublin: 11 Herbert Place, Dublin 2

Kerry: Horan’s Health Store, 9a Beech Rd, Killarney

Functional Integration (FI) lessons offer an individualised learning experience, where the practitioner can work with you to meet your particular needs.

Lessons are suitable for all ages and physical conditions, and are especially useful in helping with postural problems, with recovery from injury and movement limitations, with stress management, or simply to support self-development and well-being.
They also offer a safe and effective way to care for the body during pregnancy.

During a lesson, you lie on a low table (fully clothed) while the practitioner uses gentle, support and guidance (hands-on and verbal) to help you become aware of habitual patterns of muscular activity that are causing pain or unnecessary limitation.

As you become aware of these previously ‘invisible’ layers of muscular activity, your brain and nervous system can safely let go of excessive patterns of tension, leaving you free to move and breathe with greater ease and efficiency.

The pace and range of the movements are guided at each moment by your comfort, ensuring a safe, supportive environment for your nervous system to  take in new information, and develop improved connections.

Simple movement exercises or other suggestions for home practice may be given, in order to help you continue to learn from your session.



To book an appointment in Dublin or Killarney please Contact Abbe.

Where possible, it is helpful if you can manage to schedule your appointment for a time when you can rest or have some quiet space afterwards (i.e not before exercising, busy work or social engagements).



Single lesson: €75
Introductory Course (3 consecutive weekly appointments): €210

Single lesson €70

Appointments are 1 hour long.


Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please give as much advance notice as possible.

Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations.

Full fees are charged for all appointments cancelled without minimum notice.


Late Cancellation Fee

Dublin: €75  / Kerry: €70