Audio Lessons

Extra resources for home…

Below are some simple, easy to follow Awareness through Movement lessons that can be used as a daily check-in to release tension, calm your nervous system and maintain flexibility…

All you need is a mat or blanket to lie on, and a folded blanket/towel to support your head when lying on your back, or on side.

Please read Guidelines – Awareness through Movement lessons before you begin.

In general: Can you allow yourself to explore the movements, keeping them small and going slowly, without straining, so that you have time to sense more fully…. (do you need to hold breath / grip your jaw tight…?)


Releasing Tension – Reaching Part 1
Lying on side. Can be done in bed – may help to send you off to sleep in a more relaxed state.


Releasing Tension – Reaching Part 2


Hip Joints & Spine – Part 1
Lying on back.


Hip Joints & Spine – Part 2


Arm Opening
Lying on side.


Health Disclaimer:
Content presented in the audio lessons is for educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or for Feldenkrais lessons taken under the direct supervision of a qualified practitioner. Responsibility for performing the movements in the lessons is necessarily the user’s, and use of any information provided is solely at your own risk.
Feldenkrais Dublin and Abbe Harris cannot be held responsible for any injuries or discomfort that may occur while doing these lessons.

If you are new to Feldenkrais Method, please read Guidelines – Awareness through Movement lessons before beginning.

Always consult a healthcare professional before doing these lessons if you have any pain or injuries, or doubts about whether these lessons are appropriate for you.