Feldenkrais Dublin with Abbe Harris


Weekly classes are not available at the moment, however Sunday morning workshop classes are running regularly each month at 11 Herbert Place, Dublin 2 ….  Next date: Sunday 28th July 2024

Classes are suitable for all levels of experience.
If you have severe movement restriction or acute pain, please Contact Abbe first to discuss best options for you.

How does a Feldenkrais group class work?

The Feldenkrais Method is based on the fact that improving quality of action is possible for everyone, whatever their current movement ability or physical condition.

Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons are designed for learning within a group class setting. Each lesson helps you to develop greater awareness about how you move, in relation to your body’s structure and functional design. The aim is to access new ways of co-ordinating yourself that eliminate strain, and improve ease and support.

A huge variety of lessons address natural human movement from a wide, multi-dimensional perspective, in a way that is accessible for different levels of ability and experience.

Lessons usually take a simple, everyday action as a theme (e.g bending, turning, reaching) and then guide you through exploring new and improved possibilities for co-ordinating yourself. Working at your own pace, level of ability, and comfort, you learn to recognise your own unconscious patterns of excessive muscular activity, while experiencing more effective, and comfortable alternatives. Over time, these improved choices reduce the need to rely on counter-productive habits of force and straining.

Attention is directed to reducing effort, listening to feedback from your body, and seeking out new connections and relationships that provide maximum ease and support. This wider practice of ‘mindfulness in action’ provides simple skills that can be applied in daily life to facilitate easier, softer interactions with the world around us.