Suitable for all levels of experience

Online courses (4 weeks)

Starting Tuesday 8th  /  Wednesday 9th September 2020:

Tuesday 7.15-8.15pm

Wednesday 1.00-2.00pm

4 week course: €50  Includes both class times (same lesson taught)


Please check course dates will suit before you book: Refunds only available with 7 days cancellation notice in advance of course start date.

Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of payment (€50).

Note: Payment without transaction fees, by Revolut or bank transfer (contact Abbe for details) is greatly appreciated!



Or a PayPal option is available:

September 2020 Online courses (4 wks)


Small groups at 11 Herbert Place, Dublin 2

Small group classes take place in a spacious, well-ventilated room, with numbers limited to 4 people maximum to ensure physical distancing (Mats are sanitised before / after each use. Face masks required).

Thursday 1.00-2.00pm

4 week course starting Thursday 10th September 2020
€80    /    Drop-in (depending on availability): €25

– 1 place available – (9th Sept update)
Please contact Abbe


Thursday 6.45-7.45pm (Back Care)

4 week course starting Thursday 3rd September 2020
/    Drop-in (depending on availability): €25

This small group provides a more personalised learning experience than general weekly classes, with lessons designed to meet participants’ needs and interests, and individual modifications provided as required. It is especially suitable for anyone with on-going back, neck, shoulder issues, or as a transition from individual lessons to classes.

– Fully booked –
More places may become available – please contact Abbe if you would like your name held on a waiting list.


For complete beginners, an Individual lesson or online Introductory lesson (see below) may be recommended before joining a group class.

If you have severe movement restriction or acute pain, or if you are pregnant, please contact Abbe first, to discuss whether classes will be suitable for you.


Online Introductory lesson

Online individual lesson covering essential Feldenkrais principles and individual recommendations that will enable you to join in to an ongoing group class (or work from audio lessons) more effectively:

Online Introductory individual lesson (45 mins): €50
Please contact Abbe to arrange an appointment time.


Class Information

Please wear warm, comfortable clothing & socks.

For online classes, all you need is a quiet, warm space (enough room to lie with arms out to each side), a mat or blanket to lie on, and 2 or 3 folded towels / blankets for head support.


How does a Feldenkrais class work?

The Feldenkrais Method is based on the fact that improving quality of action is possible for everyone, whatever their current movement ability or physical condition.

In a group class setting, Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement lessons are designed to help you develop greater awareness about how you move, and how this relates to your body’s structure and functional design. The aim is to explore new ways of co-ordinating yourself that eliminate strain and improve ease and support. A huge variety of lessons address natural human movement from a wide, multi-dimensional perspective, in a way that is accessible for different levels of ability and experience.

Each lesson takes a simple, everyday action as a theme (e.g bending, turning, reaching) and guides you to develop a more complete and refined sense of how you can co-ordinate yourself in these movements. Working at your own pace, level of ability and comfort, you learn to recognise unconscious (habitual), counter-productive patterns of muscular activity, and to develop more effective alternatives.

Attention is directed to reducing effort, listening to feedback from your body, and seeking out new connections and relationships that provide maximum ease and support. This wider practice of ‘mindfulness in action’ provides simple skills that can be applied in daily life to facilitate easier, softer interactions with the world around us.