Feldenkrais Dublin with Abbe Harris



Feldenkrais Method can help athletes of all kinds to improve performance by increasing efficient and skilful co-ordination, reducing repetitive strain injuries, and promoting optimal bio-mechanical functioning.

Feldenkrais classes  and Individual lessons develop new and improved neuro-muscular pathways that allow powerfully co-ordinated action throughout the whole body, while reducing interference from excessive muscular tension.  Attention is paid to improving specific aspects relating to performance such as:

  • Improving co-ordination and balance.
  • Refining precision, timing, weight-shift.
  • Increasing efficient body use by developing clear skeletal support pathways, and eliminating counter-productive muscular activity.
  • Improving core co-ordination to maximise power and control
  • Learning self-care and injury risk reduction skills.


Feldenkrais is widely used by actors, dancers and musicians to refine quality of performance, and help with self-care & injury prevention. A wide variety of lessons are also available to address specific areas of interest such as improving breath & vocal power, refined dexterity, and developing supportive, adaptable and responsive body-use.


Feldenkrais and Musicians