Reduce Stress & Tension

Feldenkrais provides effective resources for addressing anxiety and chronic tension, and helps each individual to progressively recognise and reduce unconscious muscular activity that may be maintaining these states.

Feldenkrais Classes and Individual lessons use practical self-awareness skills, directed attention, and precise, specific movements that enable each individual to adjust habitual patterns and restore the nervous system to a more optimal, balanced state.

Each lesson helps you learn how to:

  • Listen to your body while moving and resting, so you can sense the earliest warning signals of strain, and adjust accordingly.
  • Feel safer in your body – by accessing a clear sense of internal and external support, and ability to adapt in each moment.
  • Restore ease of breathing, and use the sensation of breath as a guide and measure for ease of movement.
  • Release excessive tension in specific areas of the body to support optimal parasympathetic / sympathetic nervous system balance.
  • Develop simple, effective self-care resources.
  • Improve how you work with yourself by increasing skill, rather than will-power.



Loosening the Grip

5 ways Feldenkrais Supports Mental Health