Pre & Post-Natal

Feldenkrais is ideally suited for helping with both pre and post-natal care, providing a gentle and infinitely adaptable approach to meet individual needs.

Gentle movements and practical self-awareness skills help you to maintain ease of posture and healthy bio-mechanics throughout pregnancy and afterwards, and to prepare physically and mentally for the demands of labour.

A course of Individual lessons will help you learn to recognise and reduce stressful, habitual patterns of muscular activity that lead to repetitive strain. Attention is paid to improving balance and postural support through the spine and pelvis, and facilitating ease of breathing.

Learning to tune in and listen to your body in this way helps you to respond more effectively to the continuous changes in posture, breathing and balance that you will experience as the baby grows.

Post-natal lessons continue to help you adapt to postural changes and new demands on your body. Attention is paid to promoting neck and shoulder ease, and restoring core support & balanced muscle tone.