Abbe Harris

Abbe has been working as a movement & somatic educator since 1998, and holds teaching qualifications in Feldenkrais Method, Pilates and classical ballet.

One of the first teachers to introduce Pilates to Ireland in 2000, Abbe was a co-founder & director of Dublin Pilates Studio from 2002-2006, before establishing Feldenkrais Dublin in 2007.

Her interest in somatic (mind-body) methods of learning began during dance training,  leading to further studies in this field (Ideokinesis, Alexander Technique), and eventually to classes in Feldenkrais Method in 2001 (with Feldenkrais practitioner Sabine Volkmann).

Following a back injury in 2004, a course of individual Feldenkrais lessons enabled an excellent recovery, along with a completely unexpected improvement of ease and ability far beyond the pre-injury state, opening up  “a whole new world of movement”  in the process.  This led to a professional training in the Feldenkais Method from 2005-2008, in Amsterdam.

Abbe practices in Dublin, and also in Killarney, Co. Kerry, and enjoys working with a wide range of people with diverse needs – from people of all ages with back, shoulder and neck pain, to professional performers (musicians, actors, dancers), and athletes.

Particular areas of interest and experience include working with postural and movement limitations, scoliosis, back / neck and shoulder pain, arthritic conditions, repetitive strain injuries, post hip-replacement, stress reduction, and working with performing arts & sports.

Abbe is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner and member of Feldenkrais Ireland (